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GEODICER MP-109 Dicer/Slicer/Strip Cutter

The PPN GEODICER is a sturdy stainless steel continuous dicer /slicer ans strip cutter which is priced extremely competitively.
Cutting Technique
Products are taken by the rotating drum and cut into slices.
The rotating cutting knife assembly cuts slices into strips.
The rotating cross cut spindle cuts strips into dice.
If you need strips only, remove the cross cut spindle.
Cleaning and attachment changing take just minutes.
Many difficult products such as fibrous carrots and celery can be cut.

Onions are diced or sliced with great facility, especially when they are fresh and firm.Other products are which can be cut with great precision are cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, potatoes, firm tomatoes, most types of fruit etc.
Spindle sizes available:
3 x 3 mm
5 x 5 mm
6 x 6 mm
7,5 x 7,5 mm
10 x 10 mm
15 x 15 mm
20 x 20 mm
Capacity Specifications are according to products & sizes but also rely on whether the product is manually or automatically fed. It can range between 400kg - 3000kg/hr.
For example:
5 x 5 mm carrots ~ 1000 kg/hour
15 x 15 mm celery ~ 3000 kg/hour

THE ATTACHMENTS CAN BE COMBINED TO PRODUCE JULIENNE STRIPS.(eg. for thin strips 5 x 10 x 10mm, julienne etc.)
Motor: 3 phase, 415 volts
Weight: 90 kg
Drive by means of chain and fan belt. Materials of construction are polished stainless steel
Size/Capacity:400kgs - 2-5 ton/hr product dependent
Stock Number:SLIC19441S
Serial Number:018/02

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