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NAKAYA NT-8 Onion Topper & Tailer

This simple and compact machine works very well in combination with the Nakaya NT- 400S Onion Peeler. Peeled onions are placed individually by an Operator onto a holder on this machine.

The onions are then conveyed into the machine, where two sets of knives neatly cut the tops and tails off. The result is finely cut onions, with minimal waste, adding value to your product.

Distance between the blades is automatically determined by the size of the onion resulting in a high yield.

A set of consumable spare parts is supplied, as well as a grinder, to allow for regular and easy sharpening of the blades. T

The machine is stainless steel and has a built in photo electric cell as a safety mechanism.

Electrical: 200V, 3 phase, 0.2Kw.

Footprint: 2,000mm (length) x 340mm (width) x 1,400mm (height)
[6 Feet 6 inches (l) x 1 Foot 1 inch (w) x 4 Feet 6 inches (h)]
Conveyor height: 850mm (2 Feet 8 inches)

Weight: Approx 150kg. (331lbs)

A set of consumable spares is shipped with the machine.

Current lead time to purchase this new machine is 7 weeks, plus shipping time.
Size/Capacity:Up to 2,500 onions per hour [55-110mm dia.]
Stock Number:FRUI6872G
Serial Number:G
Condition:Brand New

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