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NAKAYA NT-9 Onion Coring Machine

This amazing brand new onion coring machine helps make your production line easier and more efficient!

By placing onions onto the trays, it automatically takes out cores of two onions simultaneously.

Onion sizes from 40mm - 110mm (one and a half inches to four and a quarter inches) in diameter.

The stainless steel blades are used for coring, making the finished products look as if it is done manually by knife. It helps save labour and time by assembling a line with other NAKAYA models.

- Easy and safe: simply put the onions onto the trays
- Capacity: 2,400 units/hr (2 onions at a time)

Please see the following video clips via Youtube:

* It does not include transformer but comes with consumable spare parts.

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Size/Capacity:2,400 units/hr
Stock Number:FRUI8327G
Condition:Brand New

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